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Hamilton’s Pier 10-15 getting $17.7M investment

Posted: November 19, 2018

On Tuesday, Transport Minister Marc Garneau visited Hamilton to announce an investment of $17.7 million for the Port of Hamilton.

The funding is a 50% contribution made in support of the Hamilton Port Authority’s $35.45 million Westport Modernization Project.

Westport is a 284-acre parcel of industrial shipping ports that spans between Pier 10 to Pier 15, just west of Stelco.

With this new injection of capital, the Westport Modernization Project will focus on modernizing marine infrastructure, rail infrastructure, roadways & utilities, and storage capacity.

As it stands, the current ports are not well optimized with modal gaps in rail network and infrastructure that exceeds 100 years of age in some cases.

In a statement, Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says that “the Westport modernization is closely aligned with the city’s vision for the industrial north end. This project will increase employment, add to the municipal tax base, and green the transitional areas between the port and the surrounding neighbourhood. This investment is an example of how our port, federal government and city are working together to grow and diversify Hamilton’s economy now and for the future.”

The project will begin this year and is expected to be completed by December 2020. The Hamilton Port Authority anticipates that the recent investments will translate into $80-90 million in new business attraction.

The Port of Hamilton is the largest port in Ontario as well as Southern Ontario’s largest gateway for overseas exports of Ontario-grown corn, wheat, and soybeans. They handle more than a million tonnes of exports per year.

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Cover photo courtesy of Hamilton Port Authority