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Hamilton Residents told to clean up for Pan Am

Posted: June 23, 2015


The City of Hamilton appears to be trying to clean up the appearance of the neighbourhood surrounding Tim Hortons field for the Pan Am games.

Jennifer Johnson got an order 3 days ago that says if she doesn’t cut her lawn and put away tables, chairs and garbage, she could be charged for failing to comply with a yard maintenance bylaw and be fined up to $50 000. Johnson says they’ve lived here for 3 years and no one has ever complained about their lawn or patio furniture, but Friday they got an order to clean their property up.

In the order it says Johnson must comply or the city will do the work at her expense and it will be collected through property taxes or the city could lay charges. She’s not the only one issued an order, Melissa Baxter and her husband Craig were also caught off guard with 3 days to get rid of any visible garbage on their property.

City councillor Matthew Green says he’s firing off emails and looking into the matter, he couldn’t tell us how many people were issued orders, or if they are being given out to pretty up the neighbourhood for the Pan Am games.

Residents told to clean up for Pan Am

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