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Most Hamilton Mountain homes up 20% in value over past two years: report

Posted: March 1, 2018

Zoocasa crunches numbers, says house value growing fastest in L8W, L9C, L8W, L9C postal codes

by Gord Bowes  Hamilton Mountain News

If you own a house on Hamilton Mountain, it’s value has probably gone up more than 10 per cent each of the last two years.

Value in some areas — such as the north-central and south-west Mountain — has appreciated more than 10 per cent for three years running, says real estate website Zoocasa.

“It’s no secret that, as home prices surge in the Greater Toronto Area, prospective buyers are taking their real estate searches to further reaches of the Greater Golden Horseshoe region,” the company said in a media release.

In a report released Feb. 28, Zoocasa said homes in the L8W (Quindale, Templemead and Randall neighbourhoods) and L9C (Westcliffe, Rolston, Gilkson, Mountview) postal codes have increased in value by more than 10 per cent each of the last three years

Homes in the L8W (Quindale, Templemead, Randall) and L9C (Westcliffe, Rolston, Gilkson, Mountview) area codes went up 10 per cent or more in 2016 and 2017.

It noted houses in numerous areas across Hamilton shot up 15 per cent in the past year:

• L8E (Stoney Creek, Winona) — 28 per cent

• L8P (Kirkendall North/South, Durand) — 27 per cent

• L8N (Corktown, Stinson) — 23 per cent

• L9H (Highland Park Survey, Dundas) — 23 per cent

• L8M (St. Clair, Blakeley, Delta West) — 19 per cent

• L8J (Leckie Park) — 18 per cent

• L9B (Carpenter, Barnstown, Kennedy West) — 18 per cent

• L8G (Greenford, Cherry Heights, Fruitland) — 17 per cent

• L8V (East Hamilton, Burkholme, Macassa) — 17 per cent

• L8W (Quindale, Templemead, Randall) — 17 per cent

• L9G (Ancaster, Oakhill, Nakoma) — 17 per cent

• L9C (Westcliffe, Rolston, Gilkson, Mountview) — 16 per cent

• L8H (Normanhurst, Crown Point East, McQuesten West) — 15 per cent

Other highlights from the report:

• L9G (Ancaster) and L8M (St. Clair, Blakeley, Delta West): Prices recovered from -10 per cent depreciation in 2014 to over 10 per cent appreciation in 2017.

• L8R (Strathcona, Central Hamilton): Prices declined from 0 to 10 per cent in 2014, to -10 to 0 per cent in 2017.