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Canadian Importing and Exporting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted: July 5, 2017

Canada does a lot of business with a lot of different countries. However, there is one country that does A LOT of trading with Canada… Can you guess which one?

When you take the scope and focus of Canada’s imports, you’ll see that it was 10th in the world in imports, settling in with $405 billion. The country has seen its imports rise at a steady annual rate of 1.4 percent. In 2010, Canada importedaround $368 billion, but increased that number all the way to $405 billion 2015…Not bad work for five years!

Here are the top trading partners with Canada:


Here are the top trading partners with Canada:

  • United States – $297.7 billion
  • China – $15.8 billion
  • United Kingdom – $12.9 billion
  • Japan – $8.1 billion
  • Mexico – $5.8 billion

…and the top five Canadian exports (besides friendly greetings).

  • Vehicles – $64.3 billion
  • Mineral fuels / Oil – $62.3 billion
  • Machinery – $30 billion
  • Gems/precious metals – $18.7 billion
  • Wood – $13.2 billion

Canada’s Imports

In 2015, the United States sent goods to Canada to the tune of $280 billion, which was down from 2014 by 10 percent. Considering the numbers were much lower 10 years prior, it seems that Canada decided to speak with its southern neighbor a bit more.

You may wonder what it is that Canada is bringing in, and the answer may surprise you.

Here is the list of the top five imports to Canada.

  • Cars/parts – $26.2 billion
  • Computers – $9.05 billion
  • Petroleum – $22.7 billion
  • Packaged medication – $7.4 billion
  • Gold – $6.62 billion

It’s simply amazing to see how well those numbers all fit together.

Canadian Importing and Exporting [INFOGRAPHIC]